When we click a photograph, from our mobile it captures the picturesque images with just a click of a button. These cameras are perfectly designed to capture the colors of the environment which is visible to our eyes or are in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

But there are various other bands of the spectrum ranging from the radio waves to gamma waves which also carry immense information, but we cannot see it with our naked eyes. To capture information from various bands we need special type of cameras and sensors which can record those waves for further…

There are many places on Earth where it is not humanly possible to go and explore on foot due to rough terrains, harsh weather conditions etc. Explorations for such places are done using satellites. Images are captured and then analyzed for gaining information for these places. Tree species classification is one of the tasks which can be done using aerial photography and satellite imaging. By creating detailed inventory of diversity and distribution of trees present in large area protection and conservation of trees and related species becomes relatively easy.

Every tree has its own reflectance properties depending upon the leaf…

With the increase of use of technology and internet we use chatbot or “conversational agents” nearly everywhere.From websites for assistance to our smart phones they are present in nearly everything. They know everything what to answer how to react to a given situation and what questions to ask.

In earlier days chatbots run with pre-programmed data. But now with the help of artificial intelligence and natural language processing they give us an intelligent answer rather than a programmed one.

Benefits of using Chatbots

These bots are a benefit for the company where the software is deployed and to the consumers also as they tend…

Word2vec is an iteration based method for creating word embedding for a given corpus. Word embedding is a way to represent a word with real valued vector such that it has the context of the adjoining words. Word2vec has two different models for word embedding, the continuous bag of words (CBOW) and the skip gram model. In this article we will discuss the mathematics behind the CBOW model. The python code for each section is also given.

Skip Gram Model Overview

The model predicts the context words for a given window size with the given center word.For example, if we have given the center…

At the most basic level, machine learning can be understood as programmed algorithms that receive and analyse input data to predict output values within an acceptable range. As new data is given to these algorithms, they learn to optimize their operations as to improve their performance by developing ‘intelligence’ over time.

In this blog various machine learning algorithms will be compared with the help of Abalone data present in the UCI Repository.


Predicting Age of Abalone

The age of abalone is determined by cutting the shell through the cone, staining it, and counting the number of rings through a microscope — a boring and…

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